Three Strength Training Tips For Beginners

Whether you want to become more toned or are just looking to get active, strength training is an excellent workout. Use these beginner tips to get started.

If you’ve become a little plumper after months of quarantine snacking and hanging out at home, you may be interested in becoming more toned and creating a regular workout schedule. After discovering the benefits of building muscle strength, you won’t be able to put the barbells down—keep in mind, however, burnouts can come quickly and unexpectedly! Use these three tips to help you develop a strength training regimen tailored to your goals.


Focus on Form


For those just getting started, exercising with lighter weights may seem like a waste of effort. Feeling eager about quick results is normal, but you’ll realistically need to build up to heavier weights instead of starting right away. In the meantime, improving your form should be your first priority. Whether you recruit the help of a personal trainer or prefer to work out with friends, direct your attention to your feet, chest, and posture as you become familiar with each set.


Practice Proper Breathing


When lifting, avoid holding your breath. Continue to breathe as you lift: exhale as you lift the weight and inhale as you lower it. Not only will you actively engage all of your muscles, but you may feel better, too. Breathing through the set can enable you to lift more, stay calm and alert, and improve blood circulation.


Reward Your Body With Breaks


It’s easy to overwork the body when lifting weights, which can tear muscle tissue and detract from your progress. Starting out, take intermittent days off to allow your muscles time to recuperate from micro-trauma and become stronger. In between workout sessions, make sure you get adequate sleep and nutrition. You can take other steps to avoid burning out or injury by splitting up your sets into targeted zones of your body.


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