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Member Testimonials

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Jay A.

“I knew that I was out of shape. My doctor had been telling me for years to lose weight and eat better. I think it all came to a head for me in May of last year (2015).”

Laura P.

Laura has been training in small groups since 2019. "I've seen huge results from my small group training, especially my strength. I had no idea I was so strong!”

Dawn M.

Dawn has been training with Brian for 10+ years! " I am never bored! I drive 40 minutes just to train with him! I am strong and more fit than ever!"

Leslie V.

"I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined the 2020 reset challenge this past fall. I have continued on with small group to help me achieve my weight loss goals and feel great!"

Mike D.

"Physically I feel much stronger and energetic. Hayley has really been kicking my butt while also keeping my physical limitations in mind. I feel much stronger and healthier.”

Joanne B.

"I look forward to my workouts and feeling better. Just moving and shaking more feels so much better!"


“Brianna Spezzaferri is the best trainer anyone could have. She is not only an accomplished athlete but also a dedicated teacher. What sets Brianna apart from other trainers is her unwavering dedication to her craft.”

Peg B.

“The camaraderie with the other clients and with the trainers is awesome. Small Group combines a bit of competition and social interaction with the one-on-one attention of personal training. It’s a perfect combination for keeping healthy, happy and strong!”

Adriane D.

“I cannot believe how well and strong I feel. I was diagnosed with the severe stages of Osteoporosis in 2014 caused by hyperparathyroidism, my bones were filled with holes and I was at a very high risk of fracture.”

Marcy R.

"I have gained strength and self confidence. The workouts fuel my day."

Carolyn C.

“I feel stronger now in my 60’s than I was in my 30’s!”